Why tell your story?

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Many people need others to help them stand, to help them speak, to help them heal. 

This is the reason to tell your story.  You do not need to put your name.  Initials are an option.  "Anonymous" is another option.  It is the story of the pain and loss of power that is needed by other survivors.  It is needed by Church members who do not yet know or who know but do not yet understand. 

We will not name abusive clergy or other abusive authority figures whose names are not in the public domain.  This will not be a place to name people for the first time.  That is for a police report or for a court document.  

We will, however, let you speak and let you say what you have undergone.  If your priest has not yet been in the public domain, we will help you find out why if at all possible.  This is a work in progress.   We'll walk together.  We'll make this a place of healing.