A form to help you write your story

This form gives you some of the key points that will make a starter story.  You do NOT need to fill up the entire box with words.  We have given you enough room to write as much or as little as you wish.  

You do not have to fill in every box but may skip something and come back to it later when I send you a rough draft of your story.  

Remember that this is just a help to get you started.  Writing can see like a huge mountain to climb.  We want to give you the building blocks and then give you the chance to modify and change it before it is published.  

This completed form will come to my email and I will use the information to send you a starter story.  Then you will be able to build on what you have started.  You may find that the story I send to you is what you want to say.  You can then give me permission to publish it.  Or you may want to change your story or even start over.  

You will remain anonymous.  You will have a name assigned to you like John Doe #12 or Jane Doe #5.  That will be how you will be identified on the HopeChronicles.org site.   

We will never share any of the information.  It is for you to write your story.  Remember that you can stop this process at any time.  We will not publish your story until you are satisfied with it and have given us permission to publish it.  If at any time you wish to remove your story, just send an email and we will honor your wish. 

Thank you for sharing your story so that others my have hope of getting to the truth.  Remember: It's not your fault. 

Susan Vance

Name of Abuser/abusers. If abused by more than one, please name them here.
When did the abuse happen? Start? End? Range of dates is also good.
How old were you when you were abused? Date range is important If you are unsure of dates use "approximately" or give a grade or stage in school which could describe your age.
Where did the abuse occur? Name of city. Name of church or school that you and/or your family attended. Church camp? At your home by priest trusted by your family?
What happened? What was the nature of the abuse? How were you hurt? Include anything that will help the reader understand how serious this was to you.
Did you report this to a parent, a teacher, a day care worker, a fellow student, a friend, another priest or nun or religious brother? Most victims do not tell. Explain why you did or did not.
Were you made to go to confession as a part of the abuser's tactics with you? Sometimes there are threats, warnings that no one will believe you, saying that it was your fault, or that God will not love you. Did you experience any of this?
Did you think you were the only one who the abuser was doing these things to? Did he tell you that or did you just think that was the case?
Give us some indication of how this has affected your life. This is where the heart of the story lies so that we can understand the extent of what you have endured.
Anything else that we have forgotten or anything else that you want to say.
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Thank you! Your message was sent successfully. This will go to Susan Vance. it will not be shared. We will send you a paragraph which has these details for you to add to or subtract from.